November 17, 2010


Two people have told me that I should write a book.  About my life, how I've dealt with problems, I suppose my point of view.  But people don't want to hear me rambling when they haven't asked for help or opinions.  Replaying the crappy parts of life is far from edifying either, and something I prefer not to do.

So I'm stuck wondering what to write about.  I have a few almost finished projects, but nothing finished.  I did get some pictures hung around my house.  Mostly it's life as usual which involves having little energy, migraines, neck pain and staying home with the kitties.  Not very exciting.

1 comment:

  1. Maybe a fiction book? About your situation, but maybe you can change certain things you dont want public?

    I really do think you should write one. You have *so* much wonderful insight, and it could help so many people. You have helped me for sure.


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